“... EBM attache beaucoup d'importance à une relation durable tant avec ses collaborateurs qu'avec l'environnement, l’aspiration à un niveau de vie plus élevé est universelle...”

Meir Swerdlow  

“... Au lieu de solutions simples, des choix intelligents..

Notre entreprise est dédiée à trouver des solutions qui engendrent un progrès réel et visible a court et long terme afin de relever les défis qui nous attendent...”

Jeremy Swerdlow  

“... La qualité et la sécurité avant tout.

Notre inspiration est basée sur la perfection et la sécurité de toutes les parties concernées ainsi que le respect de l'environnement et de l'entourage...”

Giuseppe Criscenzo 
Responsable Technique

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A few words about our company

Our company, EBM specializes in the field of metalworking.

Established on the Belgian-French border since 1928, EBM is a leader in the field of metallurgy and metalwork in Belgium. Every day, EBM provides expertise and skills to its clients providing them tools to participate in sustainable projects in Belgium and abroad.

The expertise of its workforce is the guarantee to high quality since all our workers are specialists with many years of experience in the field of steel construction, sheet metal, structural steel, metal bridges, tanks, pipeline, and complex tubular assemblies. Also for many years our workers have also developed an exceptional expertise in the field of manufacturing light poles.

A family business based on know-how

EBM has developed its difference through a pragmatic approach and knowledge handed down from generation to generation which is specialized in many fields. The spirit of innovation is embedded in the constitution of the company and we are capable of handling a large variety of high-level projects. EBM is able to offer to its client a wide range of products.

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